Email Preferences

You can control what kinds of emails you wish to receive from EventBookings. You will receive emails to your registered email address based on your chosen email preference.

About the type of email notifications from EventBookings:

Type of EmailDescription
Receive order confirmationYou will receive an email when you purchase a ticket for an event. This is a system default notification that cannot be turned off.
Receive communication from event organizers for my purchased eventsReceive email communications from organizers related to the event. This notification cannot be turned off.
Receive event invitations from event organizers sent to my email addressReceive email invitations from organizers. This notification cannot be turned off.
Receive reminders from EventBookings for my purchased eventsReceive email reminders from EventBookings for the events for which you have booked tickets.
Receive critical notifications on EventBookings service status and product updatesReceive important notifications from EventBookings related to your account or product updates. This is a system default notification; hence, it cannot be turned off.
Receive newsletters from EventBookings with general and other informationReceive product updates and additional exciting insights on EventBookings to enrich your journey through the platform.
Receive notifications when someone shares my eventsYou will get instant notifications whenever someone shares an event created by you or your organization.
Receive notifications on review-related activitiesYou will be notified when an attendee or a viewer posts a review for your event.

Configuring Email Preferences:

To manage your email preferences:

  1. Go to My Profile from the profile drop-down menu
  2. Click the Settings tab on the My Profile page
  3. Click Email Preferences, and the section will expand to display the list of preferences
  4. You can turn off the type of emails you receive by clicking on the switch button
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