You can control what information you want to share with other people at EventBookings.

The type of Privacy controls are:

Type of ControlsDescription
Lock my user profileLocking your user profile hides your information and public activities by disabling your user profile page
Allow people to contact meIt enables a “contact us” option in your public profile. Other users on this platform can send you emails through this option.
Allow people to find and invite me to relevant eventsBased on your preferences, event organisers will be able to send you invitations to their events.
Allow people to follow meOther users on this platform will be able to follow you.
Allow people to see my followingsPeople will be able to see whom and which organizations you are following.
Allow people to see my join datePeople will be able to see when you have joined the platform.
Allow people to see the events I attendPeople will be able to see the events you have booked.
Allow people to see the events I join as speakerPeople will be able to see the online events you have joined as a speaker.
Hide review interactions from publicYour reviews and ratings will not appear in your public profile.
Mute ListYou have an option to mute other users who you do not wish to interact with.

Configuring Privacy Settings:

To manage your Privacy settings:

  1. Go to My Profile from the profile drop-down menu
  2. Click the Settings tab on the My Profile page
  3. Click Privacy Settings, and the section will expand to display the list of controls
  4. You can turn off or on the type of controls by clicking on the switch button
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