Adding Google Analytics to your event

Adding Google Analytics to your event

If you want to set up Google Analytics with EventBookings, you need to a new property in your Analytics account and get the tracking ID of your account.

Create your Analytics account:

1. The first step is to set up an Analytics account. You might want to create a separate account for EventBookings. In admin, in the account column, click create an account.
2.  Provide an account name, and configure data sharing settings to configure which data you want to share with Google. Click next to create property.
3. Create a new Universal Analytics property: You have to create a new Universal Analytics property for your Google Analytics account. Then, in the URL section, enter your event’s URL. For more help, please visit:
4. Copy your tracking ID: From your property’s setting, find your tracking ID. The tracking ID for Universal Analytics starts with UA-

Set up your pixel to EventBookings event

1. Go to your organisation dashboard
2. Click on the more option located at the bottom of the left menu
3. You will get the Tracking Codes option from the left side of the menu panel, as shown in the following Picture.
4. Click Add Tracking.     
5. Like the following picture, you will see three options here. Options are Facebook, Google Adwords and Google Analytics. 
6.  Click Google Analytics
7.  Here you will see the option to place a tracking ID.
8.   Put your tracking ID and click save.
9.   You are all set to see and track data through Google Universal Analytics.
10. Your Google Universal Analytics will be activated for all your events. If you want to exclude events, activate the exclude option. Here you will get the option to exclude events that you do not like to track. Now click save again.

Verify your pixel is firing

To test your pixel, install the tag assistant in your browser. Now visit your event page and check the extension.

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