Can I change or upgrade from my current subscription plan?

Can I change or upgrade from my current subscription plan?

Change your subscription plans any time you want! Read below to see how.

Yes! You can change your subscription anytime you want.
In order to do so, simply sign into your EventBookings account and go to your Organisation Dashboard.

To see how to find your Organiser Dashboard, click here.

On this page, on the left hand side menu panel, click on Subscription.

(1) If you want to upgrade your Suscription:

Scroll down the screen, to find the 'Upgrade to Premium' button. Click on it to start your upgrade.

This page should lead you to the Order Details page.

Here you can select whether you want to be billed monthly or annually, and provide us with your billing information.
Then click on Confirm Order.

Next, provide your card credentials in the above form and click on Confirm Payment to complete your upgrade.
Once successful, your subscription page should look like this:

(2) If you want to switch to the Basic Plan from your Premium plan, simply click on Cancel Subscription to cancel your subscription.

On this screen, you could provide us with a comment or suggest us improvements on how we could improve our plans to keep you interested. Or, you could click on Proceed to Cancellation on the bottom of the screen.

And finally, click on 'Confirm Cancellation' to cancel your subscription.

***Please Note: your subscription will not be cancelled immediately and you will continue to use the Premium plan until the date your premium subscription is paid for. However, if you shift to Basic, you will no longer be charged for the Premium plan after the date.

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