Can I see a list of all attendee’s emails?

Can I see a list of all attendee’s emails?

Yes! You can see a list of all your attendee’s email along with their Name from your Customers Report.

In order to view your Customer’s Report, sign into your EventBookings account and go to your Organiser Dashboard.
And on the left hand side of the dashboard menu panel, click on Reports.

If you cannot find your Organiser Dashboard, click here.     

From the upper tab, select the Customer report to find the list of all the customer's name, email address and their address. You can also export this report by clicking on the ‘Export’ button.

If you want a list of your attendees for a specific event, go to your Overview page of your desired event, and below on the left side menu panel, you will see the 'Attendees' section.

Here will find the list of attendees along with their entered details, for that specific event.

For more information on all our other reports, please click here.

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