Does EventBookings charge for free events?

Does EventBookings charge for free events?

You won't pay any fees for the first 100 tickets sold. After that, EventBookings collects the standard fixed amount per ticket from the organisation when the event is over (eg. AUD30c, US50c).
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    • What types of events can I set up through EventBookings?

      A huge range of industries can use it! For more information and some examples of different events visit our SOLUTIONS page
    • Does the new EventBookings affect my current events or attendees?

      No! The new platform of EventBookings does not affect your event or your attendees in any way. The new EventBookings uses a seperate database and anyone who uses the new platform will need to sign up into it seperately. Thus, any changes and upgrades ...
    • Can I easily share my events page?

      Absolutely! The beauty of EventBookings is that you don’t get individual event pages for each event that you create. You will get your own events website where you can have all of your events in the one place! This means that you can promote your own ...
    • Why can I not host online events?

      Hosting online events is a new feature introduced in the new platform of EventBookings! Since, you are currently using the older version of EventBookings, it does not have the brand new feature of creating online events. Thus, to be able to enjoy ...
    • Why does EventBookings look changed?

      Been with EventBookings from the begining and now confused about why it looks different? Read more to find out why. On the 28th of January, EventBookings upgraded its interface to make it more interactive and easy to use. In addition to this, we have ...