How can I log into my old EventBookings account?

How can I log into my old EventBookings account?

EventBookings priotises all it's organisers, no matter which platform they are using.

Despite the entire new database and platform, we made it our priority to ensure that our existing family's requirements are taken care of. Hence, you can keep using your account just as you were before!
The only thing that has changed is the logging in procedure.
Now, in order to log in, instead of heading to the EventBookings URL, head over to your organisation URL. It should look like this, .

Here, on the top-most corner you will find the option to log into your account. Provide your email and password to log in, and start using your account as you always have been.
If you do not remember your organisation URL, or need help accessing your old account, please feel free to email us at and our expert team will get back to you.
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