How do I invite Speakers for my event?

How do I invite Speakers for my event?

Inviting Speakers is only available for the Talk-show template.

Here at EventBookings, inviting speakers is easier than ever!

Note: Inviting Speakers is only available for the Talk-show template.

Start by selecting ‘Online Event’ from the ‘Create Event’ feature, and select the ‘Talk-show template’ while choosing your template.


Fill in the rest of the information as required for your event and publish your event. 

Once your event is created, you will find the More Options section on the left side menu panel of the Overview page.

On the More Options page,
  1. Enable the Speaker block slider.
  2. Click on Save button. This should add a Speaker tab to your left side menu panel.
  3. Head over to the Speaker tab to start adding speakers to your event.

On the Speaker tab,
  1. Click on the Add Speakers button.
  2. Once the form appears, add an image, first and last name, email and title. You can also add a description of your speaker.
  3. Click on Save to add the speaker to your event.
Pro-tip: To add multiple speakers at one go, simply click on Save & Add Another.
Please note, EventBookings will use this email address to send speaker invitations to the Speaker, once your event has been published.
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