How does choosing an event banner help my event?

How does choosing an event banner help my event?

Believe us when we say your event banner is your first star attraction of your event. Whether potential attendees are viewing your event on our explore page or your own event details page, the first thing they notice is your event banner.

So imagine if you have a really interesting and attractive banner, attendees would be interested in clicking on the link and view the details of your event. So choose your event banners wisely!

Here, at EventBookings, we give you the opportunity to add upto 5 images as your event banner! Take a look at how they would affect your event details page.
  1. One banner event: Recommended image size = 1250 X 572
  2. Two banner images: Recomended image size = 630 X 572 each
  3. Three banner page events: Recomended image sizes = (630 X 572) one and (630 X 286) two
  4. Four banner event page: Recommended image size = (630X 572) one, (630 X 286) one, (315 X 256) two
  5. Five banner event details page:

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