How is your service charge calculated?

How is your service charge calculated?

EventBookings has a very simple procedure of service charge that is very clear and easy to understand.

No matter which plan you are subscribed to, our service charges for your events remains same. Here is a more detailed preview: 

Service charge for our online event is: 50 cents + 3.5% of all your ticket fees 
So, for an event with 10 tickets of about $10 your total revenue is $1000.
From this event our revenue will be = 50 cents*10 + 3.5% * 1000 = 5 + 35 = $40. 

Service charge for our venue event is: 50 cents + 2.5% of all your ticket fees
So, for an event with 10 tickets of about $10 your total revenue is $1000.
From this event our revenue will be = 50 cents*10 + 2.5% * 1000 = 5 + 25 = $30

Additionally, if you choose to pass on our service charges to your attendees, then our service charge will be added to the ticket price and hence will be paid by your attendees. And you will be able to enjoy your ticket price revenue in full, without worrying about the service charges!
If you do not pass on the service charge, then this amount is deducted from your ticket revenue.

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