How to import or add attendees at the backend

How to import or add attendees at the backend


The system provides the flexibility to add attendees from the admin backend; a bulk upload function is available to import the whole list. It can be used to restrict access to events via additional details including name, date of birth, email address, student id or a combination of them. So, when the customer books their tickets, the entered data should match with the uploaded data or else they cannot book.

How to add an attendee

1. Click ATTENDEES in the menu bar and then the Attendees- Eligible option. 
2. The +ADD ATTENDEES button allows you to add an individual attendee. 

How to import bulk attendees

The import data must be prepared first in an Excel spreadsheet using the downloadable format. Click DOWNLOAD ATTENDEE IMPORT TEMPLATE and save. Mandatory fields are highlighted in yellow.

Figure 2 - downloadable format

Once the import data is ready for bulk upload in the given format: 
1. Click on Import Attendees button.
2. Click Choose file and select the file to be imported (the file must be .xlsx format)

3. To import click on Process button, a Customer Process Preview appears

4. To complete the import process, click SAVE. The customer import process is complete and these specific customers can book their tickets from front end, if the event has restricted customers.

How to check special requirements 

To know what additional details attendees have recorded at the time of booking tickets, click REPORTS in the menu bar and then Attendees – Details.  
Select the Event for which details has to be viewed and click Filter as shown below: 
Click export to view the details. In the below report, the name, date of birth and dietary requirement fields were entered by the customer. 
Figure 7 - example of a report

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