How to utilise my organisation dashboard?

How to utilise my organisation dashboard?

Your organisation dashboard acts as the control panel of your organisation.
Read this article below to know about all the things you can do from your organisation dashboard.

Let's start from the first tiles you see on the screen, just after you come to your organisation dashboard.

The above tiles are a summary of how all your events hosted in the displayed time frame performed over the course:
You can change the time frame selected (by default it reflects the current month) using the arrow keys beside the period displayed.
  1. Revenue - this shows the total amount of revenue you earned from all your events combined
  2. Orders - this shows the total amount of orders placed from all your events combined
  3. Page Views - this shows the total number of page visits on all your event's detail pages
  4. Ticket Sales - this shows the total amount of tickets sold from all your events combined
This section is followed by a graph as shown below:

By default it shows the number of tickets sold over the period of months but you can switch to show either your revenue, orders or page views by selecting the desired menu from the above drop-box panel.
Finally, your organisation dashboard also allows you to access certain parts of your organisation using the left hand side menu panel:

Using the left side menu, you can access:
  1. Events - this page lists all your created, draft and published events
  2. Promotion - this page lets you set up promotional activites that can be used to promote your event.
  3. Contact Lists - here you can set up your contact lists to whom you can send campaign emails
  4. Payouts - here you can set up your desired payment method (Stripe or Secure Pay) that will enable us to pay you
  5. Reports - this page gives you the in details reports of your event
  6. Subscription - here you can see your current subscription plan and also change your plan here
  7. Conversion Setup - this page lets you add tracking features to your organisation to keep a track on how well your events are performing outside EventBookings. To see how tracking works in our account, click here.
  8. Administrator - here you can invite your fellow team mates to act as an administrator for your organisation. To see how to add an administrator, please click here.

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