Manage customers

Manage customers


The system allows you to add, edit or delete a customer. A list of existing customers can also be viewed.

Create a new customer

1. Click REPORTS in the menu bar and then Customers. In the top right hand corner, click + NEW CUSTOMER. Fill in the following fields and press SUBMIT
a. First Name
b. Last Name
c. Email Address
d. Address
e. Password
f. Active       (Determines the Status of the Customer, if it is marked Inactive, customer cannot book the tickets.)
Once submitted, the customer can login with these credentials to book tickets.

Edit a customer

A customer can be edited by clicking the gear symbol under the Actions column and then Edit. Make the necessary changes (for example, reset the password or status) and click SUBMIT

Delete a customer

A customer can be deleted by clicking the gear symbol under the Actions column and then Delete. The customer is permanently deleted once you click the confirmation pop up.

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