Manage orders

Manage orders

Any order placed by the customer can be viewed at the backend. Orders can be exported in CSV format and order PDF is available as well.

Finding an order

1. To view all orders, click REPORTS on the menu bar and then Orders
2. You can locate an order by entering a name, email address or reference ID in the search box. Orders can also be filtered by event name by selecting the event from the drop down menu.
3. Click FILTER
4. To view that particular order, click on the eye icon. 

How to export a report

1. Orders can be exported from the EXPORT button at the upper right corner. The exported report has the following details:  
a. Customer Id
b. First Name
c. Last Name
d. Email Address
e. Date Purchased
f. Event Date Time
g. Total Ticket
h. Total Price
Figure 2

How to download an order invoice

1. The order invoice can be downloaded in PDF format from the download symbol under Actions. The invoice contains:
a. Customer Details
b. Order No and Order Date
c. Event Details, quantity, unit price, total price, location map
d. Ticket Details, Seat Number, Attendee Information, Ticket Instruction, QR code

A sample invoice is attached below: 

Download Ticket Reports with Attendees details

The tickets reports can be downloaded in excel in CSV format. The report contains details of customer, ticket level, seat number, attendee details, seating status etc.
The reports can be exported from Tickets section under Reports Menu. Click on Export. 

A sample report looks like below-

Figure 5

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