Scanning tickets from the app

Scanning tickets from the app

Downloading the scanning app

The scanning app must be downloaded onto each of the devices before beginning. 
For Android Users- Go to Play Store and type EventBookings or go to this link:
For Apple User- Go to App Store and type EventBookings, or go to the link below. The app is available both for iPhones and iPads.

How to scan

1. Login to the EventBookings scanning app with your Username and Password. These login details are created at the admin backend of the website and the user must be marked as an 'App User' and 'Active' (see Figure 1). For further details, see USERS module. 

2.  After logging in, click on your Organisation Name as shown in Figure 3. Here the organisation name is Reed.
Figure 2 - login page
Figure 3 - select the organisation
3. Now click on My Orders as shown in Figure 4. 

Figure 4
4. Click on Scan QR Code as shown in Figure 5. 
Figure 5
5. Click on the Tap on the Screen to Start Scanning as show in Figure 6. 

Figure 6
6. A popup appears asking access for Camera as show in Figure 7.  Click OK.
Figure 7
7. Bring the Camera in front of the QR code of ticket. (Both printed and digital copies of the tickets can be scanned using the app)

Figure 8 - example of a ticket
8. The ticket gets scanned immediately as the QR Code comes in front of the camera. Click on OK to finish scanning or click on Scan Another QR Code if there are multiple tickets to be scanned. Refer to Figure 9. 

Figure 9

Checking ticket status at the backend 

Once the Ticket is scanned, its status changes automatically at the admin backend. You can check the status by following these steps: 

1. On the menu bar, click REPORTS and then Tickets 
2. If the ticket has been scanned, the status will change to 'Yes' in the Seated column (see Figure 10). The status will say 'No' if the ticket has not been scanned. 

3. The status can also be manually changed from the backend by clicking the blue 'Yes' or 'No' button and selecting the required option (Figure 11). A pop up appears asking for confirmation, click OK and the status will change. 

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