How to create, edit or delete a venue

How to create, edit or delete a venue

Create a venue

1. Click on the VENUES option in the Menu Bar and then click on NEW VENUE button in the top right hand corner. 

2. Fill in the following information and click SUBMIT:  
a. Title*
b. Location Name
c. Address 1*
d. Address 2
e. City
f.  Postcode*
g. State/Province
h. Country
i.  Link
j.  Image (Supported Format: JPG, PNG; Ratio: 1180px*230px)
k. Latitude & Longitude (automatically filled when Google link added)

* Mandatory fields

Edit/delete a venue

To edit a venue, click on gear icon in the Actions column and then the Edit button as shown below. Make necessary changes and press SUBMIT to save.  

To delete a venue permanently, click on the Delete button under gear icon.

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