What is my event dashboard?

What is my event dashboard?

Your event dashboard gives you a quick summary of your event and is your pathway to your event exclusive features.

In order to access your event dashboard,
  1. Sign in to your EventBookings account.
  2. Head over to your organisation dashboard.
    If you do not know which is your organisation dashboard, please click here.
  3. From the left side menu panel, please choose the Events option.

  4. Now choose the event whose dashboard you would like to visit and click on the Manage button from the three dotted menu.

And you're here!

Using this page, you can access the following pages:
  1. Editing the event steps
  2. Add speakers, sessions to your event
  3. Get exclusive insights regarding our event.
  4. Invite attendees to your event, and
  5. Send campaign emails to your attendees

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