Where is my event's name being used?

Where is my event's name being used?

Thinking why is it important to choose a good name?
Well apart from being your event's first star attraction, your event name is used in many different places.
Read below to see where!
  1. Event Details Page - Your name will be obviously displayed in large, bold characters above your beautifully vibrant banner.
  2. Communication mails - We send a bunch of useful mails to your attendees and you, where your event name will be used. Don't worry we will not be spaming you attendees, these communication mails include - ticket confirmations, event reminder mails and follow up mails for your event.
  3. Event information inside your account - This is quite obvious but everywhere your event is listed (such as your My Organisation tab and etc.) your event name will be shown, but it is mostly for your own viewing.
In addition to this, if you host a public event then your name will be definetly used on our Homepage and our Explore Events pages!
See how your event name looks on your event details page below:

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