EventBookings Scan Station

EventBookings Scan Station got your back on the event day to authenticate event attendees. You can scan event tickets on the go and verify whether the attendee is valid or not. It helps not just to authenticate attendees; it will keep track of who of your registered attendees have actually attended the event and enable you to make more data-driven decisions.

Once you download and install it from the App Store or the Google Play Store and log in to the app using your EventBookings credentials, you’ll land on a home page like this:

The events from the selected organisation will be presented in ascending order based on their scheduled date and time. The list will exclusively include events categorised as either having a designated venue or events that are still pending confirmation.

Only events with venue or undecided types will be available in the list. For events that happen just once, the specific date and time of the event will be displayed. For recurring events, the label “Multiple Dates” will indicate their occurrence on multiple occasions. If you have multiple events, you can utilise the search bar located at the top right of the Event Page to find a specific event. Beside the search bar, there’s another icon for the Organisation profile. This lets you see organisation details and switch to a different organisation if you want.

Clicking on the Scan button, you can start scanning tickets of the attendees, and upon each successful scanning that authenticates the attendee’s identity, a “Check-In Completed” will appear, displaying all the event details

If a ticket is scanned for the second time, a modal will appear with an “Already Checked-In” message.

After successfully scanning the tickets, the total count of attendees who have checked in and those who haven’t will be displayed in brackets. This count will dynamically update with each page refresh.

The “Updates” section will present relevant details about the ticket buyer and session information, especially if the event includes multiple sessions. On the other hand, the “Timeline” section will showcase the status of customer check-ins and check-outs along with their respective date and time .

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