Creating and Publishing Event

Where to start?

How to get started with EventBookings?

  • Sign in or sign up with your email and password.
  • Click “Create Event” in the top right corner to start.
  • EventBookings will direct you to the “Create Event” page for event information.

Create your Event

Fill up the event information accordingly. Here are some quick overviews of the representation information panel:

Information Block Description
Event name
  • Type your event’s name – make it precise and straightforward.
Select the Event Type
  • If your event has an address, type to search to add from suggestions or pin the location from the map.
  • If you want to host an online event, then choose Online Event
  • If you do not wish to add a location or want to update later, then select Undecided.
Select the event date and time
  • Select the start date, time and duration of your event. If your event doesn’t have recurring dates, keep the “event repeat” to “Does not Repeat“.
  • If your event has recurring dates, select Daily, Weekly or Monthly from the dropdown.
  • Select the Schedule from the dropdown if you wish to schedule your event dates.
  • A Timeslot is a predefined portion of a schedule or timetable. Think of it as a well-organised segment in your workday designed to accommodate specific activities or appointments.
  • Time zone: Select the appropriate time zone for your event
  • Currency: Currency will be automatically decided based on your region.
Event visibility
  • If you want to keep your event public and wish to feature on our explore event page, then keep this toggle-on. Select the category that best fits your event.
  • Turn off the toggle if you want to keep your event private. You have to share and invite attendees manually. Go to event settings and toggle on the “Hide the Share Button” to restrict people from sharing the event on social platforms.

Event overview

Haven’t you verified the email address or completed the organisation profile?

Send verification email ➡️ Complete organisation profile ➡️ Payment options ➡️ Add tickets ➡️ Publish

Complete organisation profile

Complete your organisation profile to bring your brand signature to your events. Add images and some basic information like location and number, and add social accounts. Learn more Organiser Profile Page

Payment options

You will be asked to connect with a “Stripe“ account based on your region. Organisers from Australia can skip this step. Getting Paid for your Event.

Add tickets

Create tickets of different types from available options, including single tickets, group tickets, and donations. All these different ticket types have unique attributes to meet your ticketing needs.


You are ready to take the next step and share your event with the world. To make your event live, simply click the “Publish” button at your desired time. This will make your event available to the public in a timely manner.

After publishing an event, it will be live on the platform, but ticket sales will be disabled until our moderation team approves it. We will notify you when the moderation process is complete, and ticket sales are enabled.

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